Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Melting Snow

Spending the holidays alone after leaving an abusive relationship can be a hard pill to swallow. So naturally I was expecting this year to follow the course of the past few and that I would spend them very sad. Scratch that. Very depressed. Yet, as the weather turned colder outside something in my heart and mind began to turn warmer on the inside. I was... happy. More than that, I was thankful.

I was thankful, and still am, that there was nobody here raging at me. I was thankful for the me I have rediscovered since I left. I was thankful that I have a home, that I am a survivor, and that I still believe in love and the goodness of people.

I was thankful for all of you reading this and following me on Twitter that found inspiration in my journey and gave me inspiration in return. I am still thankful that I have an unbroken spirit, hope in my heart, and the knowledge that no amount of darkness will ever take away my sparkles. Don't let it take yours away from you either. Ever.