Friday, August 14, 2015

Finding Your Inner Sparkle

When I was ten the only road I cared about was the one between my house and the lake.  I would hop on my bike after a bad day and pedal as hard as I could towards that sanctuary.  As I sped through the neighborhood the wind would run its fingers through my long dark hair.  For a moment I would close my eyes and almost believe that I was flying.  The trees on the side of the road, the cars passing by, and the ground beneath my feet would become one fantastic blur.  My house might have only been a mile away but to me it no longer existed.

The sound of my feet on the dock would cause the ducks and swans to glance up at me as they paddled along.  My feet dangled over the edge and hovered several inches above the water.  The afternoon light twinkled in the windows of the homes surrounding the lake.  The soft sound of the water lapping at the bank would lull me with tranquility. I dreamed about who I would become and what I would look like.  My mind never even considered that I might not always walk down the right road to get to where I wanted to be.  The warm sun shone down on my upturned face and promised nothing but clear skies.

Many years later I now know that the sun does not always shine.  Some of the roads I have stumbled upon have turned out to be dead ends.  The bad relationships are scattered along those highways like road kill.  And others have been much longer and bumpier than I expected.  The road of my life has been filled with unexpected detours and speed bumps that threatened to knock me off balance forever.  

My journey through life has been more like an obstacle course meant for an Olympic athlete.  But I have learned to catch my breath, to jump the hurdles, and to carry on.  Along the way I have learned that sometimes the right road isn’t always the one I am traveling down.  That ten year old girl at the lake I once was I will never be again.  I can only hope to one day find the road that will lead me to a new lake of peace.  It is there that I know I will find her, sitting in the sun, waiting to welcome me.